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OUR Flavor of Rallying

Every rally has their own flavor; what attracts new ralliers and keeps previous ralliers coming back for more. When you join a rally, the first thing you have to check is the vibe. Do you fit in with their values and seem like the type of person that would get along with their network? Secondly you have to see if the rally provides a good value for what they are charging as rallies can range drastically in price and offerings. Many rallies are "build your own" meaning you can add as much or as little as you would like, book your own hotels, meals, events, etc. Our rally is a bit different than that.

Our goal is to plan an awesome experience from start to finish that also has an underlying tone of giving back throughout. We do all the leg work of finding and booking unique hotels, amazing roads, delicious food stops, thrilling driving events, and fun after hours activities. We want our ralliers to sign up and not have to worry about paying for anything besides gas for the entirety of the event. If anybody knows someone that works for an oil company let us know and maybe we can get that sponsored too!

A portion of every entry fee is donated to our charity partner, Stay Driven Charitable Foundation to help those fighting life's toughest battles. Each of our teams fundraises through their network as well with the goal being to raise as much as possible! We have donated over $250,000 to various organizations since we started rallying back in 2018. Everything from Alzheimers Disease to Marfan Syndrome, and Veterans to children battling cancer!

THIS is our value proposition! Come on a practically all inclusive playcation for automotive enthusiasts. We will plan the entire trip for you, and even donate to charity for you as well!

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