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Our New Normal

As car enthusiasts based in the northeast, we have a limited amount of time each year to do what we love to do… Drive!

With COVID-19 hitting the world in 2020, our car season was looking more and more like it was not going to happen at all. Enthusiasts everywhere were upset that they had to go an entire year without participating in their favorite activity. Then came the idea of Socially Distant Cruising.

The activity of cruising (driving around either solo or with a group of friends) complies 100% with the principles of Social Distancing. You are in your car, by yourself, staying more than 6 feet away from others at all times. When you get out of the car, you keep the 6 foot space. At last, the car season is starting to look possible if we adapt to the new normal.

At first, we were hesitant to post anything and organize any official cruises due to the controversy by many people who are saying you should not leave your house for anything except the essentials. Then it became more and more socially acceptable to cruise for a cause such as make a child’s day who has been stuck in quarantine and is upset that they are missing their usual birthday party with friends. It is much harder for young kids to understand what we are going through right now in our society.

Due to this, we have attended and hosted a variety of cruises, mostly for children’s birthdays in the community. A handful of local towns and police departments have reached out to us directly asking us to put something together. The fact that we are also creating a better bond between car enthusiasts and law enforcement is definitely a positive that not many people are thinking about. When we are able to do what we love, and give back in the process, that is truly one of the best feelings a person can have.

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