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Growing Our Community

Here at SQUAD, we constantly strive to expand our network of amazing and dedicated people. Over each season, one of our goals is to get out on the roads and share our enthusiasm and passion for all things automotive. Whether we’re doing a charity event, heading out on a large scale rally, or just out for a simple cruise, we often run into fellow enthusiasts who are also out doing what they love. Oftentimes we’ll all run into each other at a popular location or an event where someone from our network will drum up a conversation about our amazing community.

Over the 2019 season, our events drew a lot of attention from the New England car community and our network blossomed into one of the pillars of the northeast car world. One of our newest participants, Alonzo Madeira, discovered SQUAD through a local cars and coffee last year, and has attended nearly every event since. He has also shown a keen interest in our fantastic charity events. Getting involved in charitable activities is a massive point of interest for everyone here at SQUAD, and anyone involved is strongly encouraged to spread the word about what we do so that they too can help us with these important causes. In 2018, we hosted our inaugural East Coast Run. We partnered with The Judy Fund and were able to raise nearly $10,000. Through our tight-knit group, we were able to draw in many fellow enthusiasts, who were more than happy to donate to such a great foundation.

For our 2019 and our 2020 East Coast Run event, we’ve been raising money for The Marfan Foundation. The 2019 East Coast Run raised almost $20,000 and for 2020 we are aiming to double that! The rally is an extremely large scale event that requires months of planning to ensure that everyone involved gets the best experience we can possibly provide.

While some of our sponsors aren’t directly interested in joining SQUAD as a participant at our events, several of them are hardcore car enthusiasts. Dan Carvalho is one of those individuals who was able to provide sponsorship to us through Dunkin’ (DBA The Carvalho Group) and has also joined our growing community. Although he discovered us more recently, both he and Alonzo have shown their commitment to SQUAD by showing for nearly every event we have.

Spreading smiles throughout our surrounding community is something that we can all get behind. With the 2020 season looming right around the corner, our aim is to spread the word about our events, our wonderful sponsors, and of course, our charity partner The Marfan Foundation. So, if you're reading this, and you or someone you know wants to jump into the incredible experience that is SQUAD, we ask that you reach out to us. Send us an email, message us through Facebook or Instagram or who knows, you may even bump into us at one of your favorite local car events.

- Patrick Kealy

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