Can You Ever Get Bored of Your "Fun" Car?

October 9, 2018

Can you ever get bored of your “Fun” car?


This is one of the many constant debates that car people have with each other, just as much as they have with themselves.


Of course we would like to daily drive the special car that we have bought and built to our liking. Is there a point where that is no longer realistic? Can you wear out the “sex-appeal” of your pride and joy, or is it like Marriage and till death do you part?


I am of the opinion that if you choose the right car, you should be able to daily that car year round until it dies, or at least until it is time to switch to a different car. Life is short. You never know how long that car will last, or how long YOU will last. I am not a marriage expert but it seems to work the same way. People who choose the right partner, tend to be happy living with them every single day for the rest of their lives.


The “sex appeal” is something that can ALWAYS be increased if you get bored, many times making you fall in love with the car the same way you did when you first picked it up. This is done through things such as exhaust, wheels, suspension, and other modifications that drastically change the look and/or performance of the car. Do a little at a time to prolong this process and keep the love for your pride and joy alive and well until the time comes to move on to something new. There is no need to get a daily car solely for that purpose.


There are reasons, however, that one could use a second car but these are unrelated to the main point. For the winter you may need an all wheel drive car or an SUV of sorts to survive if your rear-wheel-drive sports car won’t make it up your driveway in a light dusting of snow. For moving or carrying big objects you may need an SUV as well. These are all completely valid reasons to own a second vehicle, which I am not arguing against at all if you have the available financial wellbeing.


My main point is that for a daily driver, weekend warrior, road trip car, rally car, etc, you should take advantage of what you have worked hard for, and enjoy it as much as possible while you are able. If you bought and built the right car for you, that feeling you get when you start it up should never fade.


How do YOU stay excited about your car day after day?



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