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Car Rally But Make It Charitable

Car rallies are becoming more abundant worldwide. Driving to cool locations with your friends, what more could you want? Each rally has their own flavor if you will; a way of executing that makes them unique. Some are strictly to show-off, some are focused more on providing experiences, and others are strictly for charity. We took our favorite aspects from different styles of rallying and have been tweaking our formula to compete with the top rallies in the world... subjectively. Special experiences, solid driving, cool stops, all while raising awareness and dollars for people in need.

We have rallied the car community (pun intended) to raise $250,000 for charity over the past 5 years. Genetic conditions, struggling Veterans, and children in need are just a few of the groups we have impacted. Our goal is to keep doing a version of these rallies for the foreseeable future, making memories while helping others through our network combined with Stay Driven Charitable Foundation. What is the best rally you have been on and why?

What are your thoughts on combining automotive passion with fundraising?

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